Esten Wahl Farm has a good chance to offer Zahnersatz

Esten Wahl Farm is located next to a very nice country side near the Ontario lake. The next greater village is Rochester NY. Situated by this beautiful country Esten Wahl Farm offers bed and breakfast to visitors who need rest and calmness during their holidays. They can hike or ride. The lake offers opportunities for fishing, sailing and boating. While German visitors appreciate such a life more than Americans they are now the majority of visitors. So Esten Wahl Farm looks for additional offers for Germans.

Since the German currency Euro is more worth than the Dollar Germans are interested in buying goods or having services which they can get cheaper in the United States than in Germany. Everybody knows that health insurance is a point of discussing within the United States. Most Americans have to pay out of their own pockets for services like teeth replacing. In Germany most  people are insured against the risks of illness. Teeth replacement, in German implantologie, is also insured, but people are obliged to pay a part of this. The payment from the insurer depends on the  appreciation of the sevices’ necessity by the dentists. If people have not an additional insurance they have to pay a part also for these necessary services – and all other additional services which are desired. Why should Germans not go abroad for such a service? A disadvantage exists: If a German goes abroad he has first to pay the whole sum. Then he gives the invoice to his insurer, who will then pay his part back to the insurant. This may be only a little problem. Germans can pay an American invoice by credit card, also an invoice from a dentist. And a good insurer will pay back so quickly that the patient could have the payment earlier than the debit entry on his bank account.

Wer als Selbstständiger tätig ist, der weiß um die Wichtigkeit von sehr guten Geschäftsbeziehungen. Besonderes Geschenke gehören dazu, dosenwellten liefert diese.

Gewinnspiele 2016

So Esten Wahl Farm has a good chance to offer Zahnersatz to its German visitors. If there is a good dentist at Rochester or in another town near  the Farm a cooperation would be the best way. The dentist should give a little price list for some simple services comparable with the same services in Germany. He has no problem to show both his own and the comparable price of a German dentist. Very important is a recommendation  of Germans who had Zahnersatz during their stay at Esten Wahl Farm. This would be the best advertising for the service Zahnersatz.

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