Third-party insurance

The third-party insurance belongs to the compulsory insurances in Germany. Without such an Autoversicherung, a car may not be used in traffic. Next to this Autoversicherung, there are still numerous additional insurances for drivers that primarily are very useful and important abroad. As a rule, a driver who has an accident abroad needs a very good insurance cover to avoid financial and legal consequences. Many drivers do not think about the fact that an accident can have also legal consequences abroad to themselves as far as their insurance is concerned. Who is not insured on holiday runs the risk of having to pay the damages of the accident opponent.

The meaning of an Autoversicherung in the own country is conscious to all drivers. Nevertheless, during a holiday abroad, for example on the Esten Wahl Farm in the USA, a collision insurance makes sense. The Esten Wahl Farm lies idyllically with many interesting sights nearby. Who spends his holiday here will often be going by car. The traffic in the USA is strongly different from the traffic on German motorways. This traffic can easily lead to an accident. Since the Esten Wahl farm is booked also for business trips, all the more important is it to have a good insurance cover. The Esten Wahl Farm is a very popular accommodation for families and business people, mainly because of the excellent landscape and the popular destinations of the surrounding of Rochester, N.Y.  The Cottages are very easy to reach by car, have a car park of their own and are not far from the motorway. The traffic connection to interesting towns of the area is very good.

To be able to prove abroad that one has a third-party insurance; a driver must show the international insurance card.  In many countries, there is a larger sum insured than for the German Autoversicherung vergleich. This sum insured can be increased during the holiday without meaning a higher bonus for the driver. Mostly, the automobile liability still has another unusual feature. A letter of safe-conduct, which is valid for European countries usually, is part of this Autoversicherung.

Translation by Noch zu unterscheiden ist zwischen der Vollkasko- und der Teilkaskoversicherung. Die Teilkasko lohnt sich wegen der ingesammt niedrigeren Prämie länger. Die Vollkasko erstattet beispielsweise den Schaden bei einem selbst verschuldeten Unfall. Ob sich bei einem älteren Fahrzeug allerdings die Reparatur lohnt? Wenn man ebenso gut mit einer Beule fahren kann und auf die Reparatur verzichtet, kann man auch auf die Versicherung verzichten und die Prämie sparen. Bei der Teilkasko wird Diebstahl, Glasbruch und Wildschaden, um die wesentlichen Punkte zu nennen, abgesichert. Auch da stellt sich die Frage, wie groß das Risiko ist, dass man die Versicherung im Schadenfall in Anspruch nehmen muss.

For the USA is regarded as a special case that the German Autoversicherung is not valid there. Who would like to pay a visit to the Esten Wahl Farm and its idyllic environment must effect a new insurance. The necessary information and insurance petitions can be received directly from different automobile associations in the USA. An expansion of the insurance cover of the Autoversicherung for the USA is not possible. When looking for an American insurance, however, it can happen that the German driver’s licence and a corresponding proof of an accident-free driving are not enough to effect an insurance. However, an American insurance, which effects an insurance under these prerequisites, can be found easily enough.

The danger of the car theft is very high primarily in countries like the USA. People who visit the Esten Wahl Farm should therefore have a collision insurance in every case. Unlike the third-party insurance, the collision insurance is usually valid for foreign countries. This optional Autoversicherung protects the owner of a car against theft. With the collision insurance, it is possible to agree on a percentage excess. In this case, the collision insurance pays either all damages to the car or at least for the most frequent damages, like theft, a wild accident or accidents caused by bad weather conditions.

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