Real estate today – with Wasserbetten and Whirlpool Wien

If you today look at properties you can find a broad selection. You will have the great advantage that there are cheap loans to buy every kind of buildings. Surely, you must have at least forty percent capital resources because banks grant a loan for at most sixty percent to buy houses. Formerly they were more generous and gave money for the whole house price. But the housing crisis has stopped this generosity.

If a family looks to housing it will prefer houses with some comfort. Not longer absolutely unknown are waterbeds and spa baths, in German Wasserbetten and Whirlpools. This is so in the United States where there are pioneers who look for a convenient equipment for every different kind of person. It is also of no question that Germany desires to offer its human population the same advantages. And so Wasserbetten and Whirlpools are being a more and more common part of a house.

But there is a different situation for waterbeds and spa baths in Germany. Wasserbetten are mostly not part of a house but part of the accommodation. Most houses are sold only as a house and without furniture. Therefore the buyer is free to choose beds for his family. He can choose a traditional German bed with bedframe, lath floor and mattress. He can also look for an American boxspring bed which has a lying area without a ditch between the two mattresses. He can also decide to buy because of the prospect of getting a really good sleep.

In other countries one could find other conditions. There you might find houses which are sold together with all the accommodation, and you might also find a building which is already furnished with waterbeds. Before buying you will have not only to check the building but also the waterbeds. Will you have a good sleep in it? Then buy the house – or if not, then bargain with the seller to receive a price reduction because of an uncomfortable waterbed.

And Whirlpools? This is an other case. Whirlpool are like all the other similar things which you can find in a bath room included in a house and will be sold together with the building. If a waterbed is uncomfortable it will be relatively simple to replace it. But to replace a spa bath would lead to much more expenses. You would have to replace all the connections of water, wastewater and electricity, and mostly you would also have to replace tiles on floor and wall. This would be a considerable expense, and therefore look for another house with a Whirlpool which is comfortable to you.

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