Holiday at Esten Wahl Farm

Holiday at Esten Wahl Farm near Rochester NY – that is really a good recommendation for everybody. It is a small cottage where you stay. All for your comfort is given at the farm. Esten Wahl Farm offers weekly rates. Also linen can be rented. So you must only bring your clothes and other personal things with you – all the other things you need you will find at the farm. If you have a pet, please declare. So your pet also will be welcome, and we will arrange all necessary things for its accommodation.

Esten Wahl Farm is open every day a year. Please look at the program on the homepage. There will be some special arrangements over the year. As a highlight Esten Wahl Farm offers a two week apprenticeship in nail design. This is offered by an Austrian nail studio. The holder of this Austrian nail bar has had his own Nageldesign Ausbildung at some of the best nail studios in Austria, Germany and Great Britain. The woman speaks English so that she can give you all declarations in your language. When you have passed this Nageldesign Ausbildung you will be able not only to care for your own nails but also for the nails of everybody in your family. So you can save a lot of money.

This Nageldesign Ausbildung takes two weeks. Esten Wahl Farm offers this special opportunity three times in this year. Please book early. In our experience such an event is really quickly overbooked, and than Esten Wahl Farm must reject your application. Between the first and the second period and also between the second and the third period there are opportunities for personal discussions with the teacher. If you are interested please book an additional third week. You should not miss such an opportunity. It gives you more experience for difficult cases like ingrowing nails or special tips for nail design with elder persons.

There is also an opportunity to buy the necessary tools and utilities for nail design. The teacher offers two sets. The first set is used at your home. If you think to offer nail design to others who are not members of your family you should buy the second set which contents more tools also for special cases. Enclosed to every set is the basic equipment of salves, nail paint and other consumables. You receive also a list with suppliers if you need more.

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