Create your own Spielzeug

As a matter of course, it is not very easy to reach the famous Esten Wahl Farm near Rochester. Espechially visitors from abroad sometimes go to wrong addresses. It is not Rochester in Great Britain, and it is also not one of the Rochester cities in Australia. Even in the United States you can find more than one city of Rochester.

It is Rochester at Monroe County or shortly Rochester, N.Y., which is the point of start for your visit to the Esten Wahl Farm. You can type Esten Wahl Farm into your GPS car navigation system, and your car will find the way. But, please, don’t make a flying visit. Esten Wahl Farm is still a very lovely place on our earth, and so it should stay also for the next centuries.

Enjoy the calmness of the country around Esten Wahl Farm. Put your car into the garage, deposit all your sorrows in the luggage compartment, close the door behind it and forget it for the time you stay at Esten Wahl Farm.

There are no standards for clothing at Esten Wahl Farm. Of course, clothings are expected, but you don’t need to wear a cravat or ear rings, you don’t need high heels (this would be very dangerous) or black shoes for the office. Esten Wahl Farm is the place on our earth where everything serves your personal comfort.

You can also create your own clothes, T-shirts especially. This is a new service from Esten Wahl Farm especially for visitors form abroad, perhaps from Germany. Esten Wahl Farm offers you to print your own Spielzeug so that your personal slogan can accomany you at least as long as you are staying at Esten Wahl Farm. You can create your own Spielzeug, Esten Wahl Farm will realize the and this print will be with you all-around Esten Wahl Farm.

If you, a German visitor, want your T-shirt selbst gestalten Esten Wahl Farm would be pleased if you use one of the lovely pictures of the beautiful countryside of Esten Wahl Farm. It is also allowed to use the writing „Esten Wahl Farm“ on the T-shirt Druck. Esten Wahl Farm will not participate on rights when you let your Spielzeug with such statements.

Enyjoy the calmness at Esten Wahl Farm and if you must go back to your business remember us.

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