German manufacturer autoversicherung

Esten Wahl Farm near Rochester NY is more than a tip for stressed city people. It is a paradise for everyone who knows it. So it should be a good fact that TV has not yet discovered this beautiful, calm and peaceful part of our earth. Therefore Esten Wahl Farm is still the best opportunity to let it all hang out.

And Esten Wahl Farm is very interested to serve its guests in the best way. You will not find everything at Esten Wahl Farm but all the things which will be good for you. Esten Wahl Farm really cares for its guests. It serves  not only with all what is necessary but all what is desirable for a guest who longs for calm and peace. Some services will be given in the Farmhouse. But many visitors enjoy the beautiful landscape and the good weather and stay all the day outside the house. There are some places of interest in the countryside which will be preferred. You can get there by foot or horse. Of course if people ask they will receive  provisions to their comfort including the drinks they need (better with autoversicherung).

But since some sportsmen have discovered Esten Wahl Farm there is a little problem. Such people need more to eat, and also they like other food like grilled chicken or fish. At this moment Esten Wahl Farm receives an information from a German manufacturer of mobile sales booths. Such a mobile sales booth – in German Verkaufsanhänger or Imbisswagen – would solve the problem. It is a trailer which can be transported by a pick up to all the places where people enjoy the day. In a short time it is built up. The driver and waiter can serve the sportsmen or other visitors with all grilled food they wish, with cooled beverage like soft drinks or beer. And also in a few minutes the Verkaufsanhänger is packed together, and the helper can drive to the next place. Visitors of Esten Wahl Farm brim over with enthusiasm for this new and excellent service. Also the driver and waiter; for his service he gets much more tip than in the Farmhouse. Around midday – and in special cases also in the morning or in the evening hours– people look avidly at the small country road  where the Imbisswagen will come from. And this food smells so good – sometimes they order by cell phone  a second helping of grilled chicken or fish.

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