German advertising agency – internet agentur

Esten Wahl Farm offers bed and breakfast to visitors who want to stay at this cottage at least for a week. The Farm is located near Rochester NY. In a greater distance you find Ontario lake and the famous Niagara Falls. For quite some time Esten Wahl Farm has not received enough visitors. For some weeks there are many free beds. Regarding this matter Esten Wahl Farm has detected that many of the former visitors do no longer prefer holidays in such a landscape that is offered by Esten Wahl Farm. They prefer more action and miss a nightlife with discotheques. Only some fishing people are loyal and will still come every year. So Esten Wahl Farm needs more visitors who appreciate a calm country life.

What Esten Wahl Farm needs is an advertising campaign. It has to look for an advertising agency which will bring more customers by suggesting of some intelligent actions. But where should be advertised? If people of the own country don’t like country life any more – is it the same abroad? Before giving away a lot of money for a campaign in the own land it could be cheaper to advertise abroad. Today you have the opportunity to advertise in Europe especially in the Euro zone. The currency rate between Dollar and Euro favours the European citizens. Why not advertise in Germany, one of the richest countries in Europe?

So Esten Wahl Farm might look for a German advertising agency. Such a internet agentur is easy to find in the world wide web with this search term. Esten Wahl Farm can ask for an offer. At least a concept for the planned actions should be submitted without costs so that Esten Wahl Farm can decide to give the order to the best internet agentur. The agentur creates a new homepage for Esten Wahl Farm in German. It contents not only a report about the country life at Esten Wahl Farm but also references to the near surroundings and the famous attractions in a greater distance. Possibly there is a new domain required for a better presentation in Germany. Other arrangements are extensions to the homepage for requesting and booking. The internet agentur can also arrange ads in periodicals or spots in the TV and the radio. And when this is not enough the agency will look for an opportunity to present Esten Wahl Farm in the show “Wetten dass” with Thomas Gottschalk.

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