Smartphone while on holiday

The Esten Wahl Farm near Rochester N.Y is especially known for its wonderful nature and interesting sights. Therefore, it is the ideal place to do Smartphone while on holiday. Who, for example, would like to play the American version of Kegeln should visit the bars or bowling alleys near the farm. To start playing, special shoes and other necessary equipment for bowling can be borrowed or be bought at a Smartphone.

During a holiday on the Esten Wahl Farm, one soon gets an impression about the differences between Kegeln and the American version bowling. Bowling is much more powerful than Kegeln and has one pin more than usual. Who is a regular player of Kegeln in Germany and has already corresponding equipment in a sportshop will have no problem learning the different rules of the game. To add to the fun of the game, American tenpin bowling is one of the easiest ways to meet other players. That way, a stay on the Esten Wahl Farm becomes a special experience with new friends abroad. The people meet at the tenpin bowling in the bars for talking and celebrating especially on Friday and Saturday evenings. Therefore, it is exactly the right place, to become acquainted with new people and have fun together.

Who tries pins and balls for the first time on holiday in the USA, should get advice in a Smartphone. There are quite special shoes for playing Kegeln, which provide the necessary safety, and speed for the throw. These shoes must be fitted exactly, so that the best scores and safest throws are possible. Like in Germany, players are not allowed to step on the bowling alley with outdoor shoes. Who wants to try for a strike must wear special shoes.

The Esten Wahl Farm is the perfect place to spend an evening in town. The farm lies nearby a motorway; therefore, a fast connection to bigger cities and their exciting nightlife is given. Children also will be able to experience a lot in the surrounding of the Esten Wahl Farm. For American families, it is usual that parents take their children for playing Kegeln. Particularly with children, the right footwear is important to be able to learn the right technique safely and with lots of fun. If possible, a player should wear his own shoes when playing Kegeln. These always match perfectly and are in a better condition than the ones to borrow.


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Esten-Wahl Farm Yellow Pages

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Featuring a vacation rental at a 19th century Western NY farmstead. Take a step back in time—this landmark appears much as it did back in the late 1800s. Our handicapped accessible cottage is fully furnished and has a small kitchen, large living room, bedroom with queen sized bed and accessible bathroom. The small office is equipped with a desk and a folded single cot.

For those who like to play tennis or swim, your own private court and swimming pool are just steps away. The nearby fields are actively farmed and surround the cottage with a relaxing, rural atmosphere. We have air conditioning units in the bedroom and living room for summer.

The Pleasant View Cottage is a few minutes drive to the towns of Webster, Penfield, Walworth and Fairport Village, and 25 minutes to downtown Rochester, NY.
vacation rental near rochester ny in fairport new york
Smoking is NOT permitted in the rental cottage. We provide ash trays on the deck.

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